GINSU 2000

As seen on TV! What can we say about these amazing Ginsu knives? They cut.

The box says suggested retail $89.95 and also 50 Year Guarantee. We challenge you to get these knives and see if Ginsu will replace them in 50 years.

There are a lot of imitation Ginsu knives out there, and we've seen a few that we would be scared to have touch our food, and still more that we would be worried about what the handles might do in the dishwasher. Here at we have been using a set of these knives for over a year. All of the "test knives" are still intact, and continue to cut pizzas, steaks, electrical wires, onions, boxes and all the other exciting things we cut around here. We haven't needed to cut anything with that giant monster knife, but it makes us all feel safer to have it around.

Only $14.95 (set of 10 knives)!
Shipping is $5.95 within the United States. Get TWO sets (one for a good friend!) for only $29.95 (shipping included).

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